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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Identify Your Watson Pill

Watson Pharmaceuticals is a famous US manufacturer of generic medicines. A vast range of products marketed by the company includes most popular drugs approved by the FDA. Watson Pharmaceuticals now owns about twenty different enterprises around the world, having acquired a number of smaller drug research and development companies in the US and abroad. The popularity of products made by Watson Pharmaceuticals can be accounted for by the high standards the company has been holding to since the moment it was set up in 1984.

It is no surprise that various pills indexed with "WATSON", or "DAN" letters can be found in different places every now and then. The question is what kind of medication the specified pill is, what strength it is, what name branded equivalents it has. In fact, it is not a difficult question if only you have a reliable pill identification guide at hand. We can provide you with it!

We are launching this blog in order to help everyone who takes interest in finding out which Watson pill is which. To start with, you only have to specify the number on your pill with a Watson index. First of all, make sure that you see the digits clearly. The shape and color of the pill are important, too. When you know a pill's index, a pill's shape and a pill's color, you can easily determine the active ingredient in it.

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